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Check out the Aeon range below!

The expanding AEON product range caters for all age groups starting with the 50cc Minikolt and 100cc Cobra. These quads feature electric starting two stroke oil injected engines with an automatic centrifugal clutch and auto C.V.T gearbox. The four stroke powered Cobra 220 is a recreational quad that is also electric starting with the automatic C.V.T type gearbox with reverse. These fun bikes have modern styling and a high quality finish.

The agricultural range is set to expand with new engines and quads.

These include a 180 and 350cc currently available with a Side-By-Side utility Quad and larger capacity quads under development.

The smaller 50cc and 100cc AEON quads are backed by a six month parts warranty, whilst the senior 180cc and larger AEON quads feature a 12 month parts warranty.